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Nitorious B.U.G. Lice Treatment Services at a Glance

We are trained and certified in "The Shepherd Methodâ„¢" of lice identification and removal.  We will only provide treatment if necessary after a positive finding of lice evidence from a head check.  

Head Check
The head check is a thorough examination of scalp and hair strands to identify evidence of lice infestation (or to rule out!).  
Treatment (only after confirmation of evidence through head check)
Utilizing the The Shepherd Methodâ„¢ of strand-by-strand removal, all evidence of head lice are meticulously removed.  This is a time-consuming process, and we take no short cuts.  After lice removal treatment, we provide basic housekeeping instructions and can even provide a release allowing return to school or work.
Follow-up Recheck
The initial lice removal treatment fee includes two follow-up rechecks performed 5-7 days apart.  These checks provide assurance that all evidence of infestation have been completely eliminated through treatment and aftercare.  
In an effort to reduce the stigma, we are available to speak at schools, work sites, or anywhere else upon request.  Proper education is the best way to prevent the transmission of head lice!

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