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Lice Treatment Services

Head lice removal


There are four stages to treatment:

  1. Initial Head Check
  2. Treatment
  3. Final Re-Check
  4. After Treatment and Re-check
large group transmission contact

Schools and Camps

Nitorious B.U.G. is available to come to your school or camp for a thorough head check screening in the greater Green Bay area.

For best results, we recommended head checks for the entire student population. However, we can accommodate a single classroom or grade level.

We pride ourselves in presenting the relevant facts about head lice identification and their removal to concerned parents and school, camp and daycare personnel.

We provide discount volume pricing. 
large group contact transmission

Education and Training

Head lice are an important community issue, causing disruption to families, schools, and the work place. They impede with student learning, interfere with attendance, affect overall self-esteem and reactions to head lice can lead to teasing or bullying.

Managing head lice from a community level has been proven to help prevent outbreaks. We will travel to your area to teach and train to help debunk myths about lice.

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