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10.20.17 - Clients with Lice? Read This! 7 Myths About Lice You Should Know - BEHINDTHECHAIR.COM

Monica Veley shares her expertise with the hair salon world!   Here are seven common lice myths you should know about, and what to do if you discover lice in your home or at the salon. 

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Fall 2017 - lice?!#@$%! - BY MONICA VELEY | Co-owner, Monica Veley, shares with GoValleyKids tips for preventing, spotting and treating head lice.  Click here to read more!

10.17.16 - Bug-a-Boo Lice Treatment in Green Bay - BY MONICA VELEY

CEO, Monica Veley, shared her anecdotal story of what motivated her to get into the lice treatment business with Lets Go Mommy!

It happened. Eight years of successful parenting and then IT HAPPENED!! Let me set the scene: I was basking in the quiet of the Monday morning following an exceedingly hectic birthday party for my son, Reidar (the theme was Mad Scientist, so you can imagine the chaos). My daughter, Trinity (nickname: Bugaboo), was laying on the couch with me as I went to kiss her head and send her off to get ready for school, when suddenly… [more]

09.05.16 -  Your Wisconsin: Bug-a-Boo Lice TreatmentBY MILLAINE WELLS

CEO, Monica Veley, shared information about lice, lice prevention, and lice treatment on WFRV Channel 5 We Are Wisconsin.  

08.30.16 -  Got head lice? Green Bay woman opens lice treatment center -  BY RACHEL MANEK

Monica and Bug-a-Boo Lice Treatment appeared on Good Day Wisconsin to answer some of parents' most common questions: 1. How do I prevent lice? 2. How do I identify lice? 3. How do I treat lice? Monica also demonstrated how to prevent lice, how to do a proper head check, and talked about treatment methods.

08.29.16 - Meet the Veleys!  Mary Breuer Photo's captured some amazing "Mommy and Me" pictures of our CEO with her kiddos.  

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