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We do not accept insurance - but you may be able to get reimbursement

Unfortunately we do not accept insurance. Our customers pay us upfront for services rendered and can make a claim to their insurance company for reimbursement. Please note that not all insurance companies or policies accept our service. Typically PPO policies may accept our service, but we cannot verify that for you. We cannot be held responsible for denied or declined claims.

Insurance Reimbursement

Some health insurance companies will reimburse for hiring a lice removal service.

The insurance company considers our service to be "Out of Network" and will only reimburse according to what is stated for your individual policy. Upon request, Nitorious B.U.G. will provide you with the appropriate documentation to be able to submit a claim.

Flexible Spending /
Health Savings Reimbursement

While we do not accept HSA cards for payment, Nitorious B.U.G. is often accepted by your flexible spending account and/or health savings account. Upon request, we will provide you with an itemized receipt to submit for your reimbursement.

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