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What is the real cost of having head lice?

Most people suffer with head lice for much longer than necessary.  During that time they will try an average of 5-7 pesticide/toxic treatments at home and spend countless hours trying to get rid of their infestation by cleaning, doing laundry and spending money on various remedies and tools. The frustration of treating, and retreating, cannot be understated as more and more pennies come out of your piggy bank.  

Nitorious B.U.G. lice treatment is safe and effective. We are trained and certified in The Shepherd Method of strand-by-strand nit removal using non-toxic applications.  It's a time consuming process, but it works!  We don't take shortcuts!  Keep that piggy bank fat.  

Cost of "Home" Treatments

Home treatment costs add up!  
Topical over-the-counter for individual (x2 treatments)
 Topical treatments for the rest of the family (just in case!)
 Store brand lice comb (not as effective as Terminator comb)
 Replacement of combs, brushes, and hair accessories
 Extra cleaning products for the home
 Water and electricity costs for extra laundry
 Missed work (3 days at $15/hr)
 Missed school

Typical Cost to Hire Nitorious B.U.G. 

A professional isn't as expensive when you compare:
Lice/Nit removal using The Shepherd Method of strand-by-strand removal (avg appointment time 2 hrs)
New client set-up fee
Home environment care consultation (no products needed)
Follow-up head checks 5-7 days post-treatment
After care treatement and prevention tips
Returning to work/school immediately and peace of mind!

Save yourself time, aggravation, and $$$

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