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Neon Nits - White (available in store only)


Neon Nits® Lice Egg Locator Spray is your best weapon in the fight against head lice. This unique spray permanently dyes lice eggs (nits). It is formulated to be very quick drying as it comes into contact with nits and the surrounding hair. Because of the unique protein structure of the nit surface, the dye quickly adheres to the nits, but does not strongly adhere to the hair. As a result, most of the dye can be brushed out of the hair but stays on the nits. Dye residue on the hair can be removed by shampooing, if necessary.


Due to its ease of use, Neon Nits is the most effective product in the aid of the mechanical removal of lice eggs. Neon Nits completely eliminates the need for awkward illumination and magnification devices.

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