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Nit Free Shampoo - 8oz

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Nit Free Shampoo is a natural shampoo and great for home lice treatment. Nit Free Shampoo is safe, non-toxic, sulfate free, made with essential oils, fights lice and their eggs (nits), contains no pesticides, and safe for daily use.


Nit Free Shampoo is the first of its kind for a natural shampoo that is good for your hair and scalp, and also part of an effective home lice treatment. Nit Free Shampoo is made with the highest quality of natural products and essential oils. The result is a sulfate free shampoo with conditioning properties that is great for daily use and lice treatment.


Nit Free Shampoo is made from the highest quality natural products & essential oils. Nit Free Shampoo contains neem oil is a natural insect repellent from the Neem Tree, also known as the village pharmacy tree, and peppermint oil to help defend from future lice infestations. The result is a sulfate-free shampoo that is great for daily use and is perfect for children & adults who have a sensitive scalp. When used daily, Nit Free Shampoo can help defend your hair from lice infestation by washing out any lice before they have a chance to multiply and spread. Nit Free Shampoo invigorates scalp circulation and gently cleanses. Nit Free Shampoo is great to use when trying to prevent a future lice infestation. Using the Nit Free Shampoo, Nit Free Conditioner, and Nit Free Terminator Comb are a very effective combination for the deterrence of head lice.

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