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Final COVID-19 update:  

Regretfully, we are closing our doors as of July 31, 2020.  We have been honored to serve the community for the past four years.   

Stock up on products while you still can!  We are offering 25% off all products (while supplies last)!! Please call ahead for curbside pickup! As always, we are shipping orders as well (orders over $50 qualify for free shipping).

In this time, we would like to offer to waive all new client fees for those needing treatment in our office up until the day we close. We do still have our “virtual headcheck” option as well, if you are not local.  Contact us for a virtual appointment.

About Nitorious B.U.G.

Lice louse treatment

At Nitorious B.U.G. (formerly Bug-a-Boo Lice Treatment), we provide discreet and professional head lice identification, removal, treatment, and education  services.  We are trained and certified in the Shepherd Method™

“The Shepherd Method™” is a safe, non-toxic means of treating head lice which utilizes a strand-by-strand technique that ensures every hair has been examined and all lice evidence has been removed. Although generally a long process, The Shepherd Method takes no short cuts and effectively treats head lice. We know that this is the most effective manual method available and the only way to guarantee completely lice-free hair.

The Shepherd Method™ is a time-tested and proven effective means of treating once and monitoring afterwards. Once treated, students may return to school immediately!

Furthermore, the Shepherd Method™ is based on a treat once and treat right mentality that eliminates the need for multiple, as well as needless, treatments. A follow up visit 4-7 days later is recommended.  For more information on our services, click here.

Why Nitorious B.U.G.?

With nearly two decades in the hair service industry, we have the experience and expertise to treat your hair quickly and effectively. 

We are Shephard Institute Trained & Certified, and we are the only treatment facility of our kind in Green Bay, Wisconsin serving Northeast Wisconsin.  

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